How to Dress Like Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Best Harry Potter Costume Guide

One of the main three heroes in the Harry Potter universe (the series is even named after him!), the iconic Harry Potter look is fairly easily attainable and will be a hit at any party or halloween event. While you'll be recognisable as Harry Potter with less pieces of the costume, the more pieces you've got, the better you're going to look. Look carefully through the pieces of the costume we've picked out for you as you may have some of them at home already (particularly the white dress shirt). This guide will help you pick out the right options. 

The Harry Potter look can be created with the Harry Potter Robe, Harry Potter Glasses, Official Harry Potter Wand, Harry Potter Tie, Official Golden Snitch, Official Gryffindor House Scarf, Men's Fitted Dress Shirt and the Official Harry Potter Firebolt Broom.

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Harry Potter Cosplay Costumes

One of the reasons Harry Potter is so loved is that he grew up in the world of the muggles without any idea that he was actually a wizard. I don't know about you but we here at Dress Up Box have been secretly hoping we're actually wizards as well ever since we saw the first Harry Potter movie! The Harry Potter universe is generally told from Harry's perspective as he takes on the forces of evil and he who shall not be named while navigating the tricky high school years. 

Harry's outfit portrays a sense of wizardly power but in a student. He has more power than he knows what to do with and very little training to go with it. He dives in head first and tends to learn by doing. His costume reflects this as it is often in a bit of a shambles. Harry's hair is often messy as he cares more about the people he's helping than fixing his hair. His glasses don't make him look more nerdy but rather set off the classic Harry Potter look. 

Harry Potter

About Harry Potter

Harry Potter starts out at eleven and grows over the following seven books. He is not living with his parents but has rather been orphaned. He is taken away from his unpleasant normal life into the world of wizards, witches and magic at Hogwarts which only vaguely resembles the classic British boarding school experience. He meets and makes friends with multiple characters, particularly Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, who become his closest friend and staunch allies for the trials to come. 

Harry, Hermione and Ron spend their time getting into trouble at Hogwarts, poking their noses into every mystery they can find and coming out on top against huge amounts of danger by working together. They discover all kinds of magical secrets that Hogwarts and the wizard community are concealing, retrieve (or discover) some previously lost artifacts and help to save both the wizard and muggle (human) world from the forces of evil. 

Harry Potter